.v.v. scríbas:
> Do you think that ".ixc." stands for "90"? I don't know...  Given the 
practise in Roman numerals to subtract from decades, we could read  
the numeral as "one below ten below hundred" = "89". But this 
involves  some degree on playfulness on the part of the author/scribe. 
I am not sure,  how to interpret that number.
Maith sin.

Perhaps we should see it as an abbreviation for "IHCOYC  XPICTOC" (Iêsous 
Christos)?  I believe it is still common in Greek Orthodox  circles to abbreviate 
this as "IC XC".  Just a stray thought, as I haven't  been following this 
thread closely and don't know how it would fit into the  context --- perhaps 
something to do with "a year before JC"  (?).


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