I am not very happy with stanza 11. It seems to be extolling the virtues
of something specific (possibly the Colum Cille verses which follow this
poem), but stanza 10 (as we currently understand it) doesn't seem to
prepare us for this outburst.

Here is what I have. It is a first go. Be gentle.

(a) Leis(?) gac[h] n-aon lin(?) n-âil 	(MS hardly: Lo eis)
(b) a âinios ’s a aoibh
(c) sgoith-mhuirni an mhin mhôir
(d) sgoith-silti(?) sibni(?) shaoir

With everything necessary to satisfy desire,
its splendour and its form,
the favourite darling of the great [and] small,
the choicest fruit of a noble stem.