Dennis wrote:

>>> (c) Daor oraind ni fhuil
>>> (d) An crobhaing or [= ar] chin

>> (c) [It is] hard for us:
>> (d) that band is not around!
>> Literally: “there is not the band afterwards/following/ready/in
>> (or some other appropriate sense of ‘ar chinn’).

>I don't see that.  It requires supplying "[it is]", and beginning
>a new sentence in mid-line.  Which is not impossible.  But my
>sense is that poets avoided that sort of thing when they could.

Supplying the copula 'is' is not a problem - it was dropped very
frequently. But I agree that the colon (not fullstop ...) in the centre
of the line is a bit awkward. I would have expected 'nach fhuil' rather
than 'ni fhuil'.