Neil wrote:

> 9. Sagsain as saor so-air
> []na so-airthER(h) nin so-ir
> Alba is Eire ar aon
> tridhe arda a n-il
> bailig fhis ar aoi a sgl
> ris gac[h] laoi da ligh.

I read the last word in the first line as "sdair" = "stair".
Likewise I see "sdairth-" (stairtheir?) and "sdiur" in the
second line (nomstir?).

In line five, I see "bailg" (= pl. of bolg/balg?), with "fis"
as a rare genitive?

> England which is noble [and] clear-skied
> in its bright-morning [and] evening right-fresh,
> Scotland and Ireland together:
> a threesome [of nations] highest in learning
> rich in knowledge in the matter of their histories
> [and] as to each [there is] a lay for its declaiming.