(Poss. off-topic, as earliest versions are probably in Latin, but I'd
dearly love to know what the earliest commentaries in Irish contain.)

Maolmaodhóg (Archbishop of Armagh 1148, in succession to Celsus)
compiled, in his spare time, a list of 111 Popes, of whom we are 
bidding farewell to the 110th. 

So, my question is the obvious one: can anyone on this list 
identify, authoritatively, Irish mss containing the earliest
renditions of Malachy's list of 111 successors to Peter, from
Malachy's own time, starting with Celestine II (1143)?

I have here a 1932 edition of Malachy'sprophecies, a re-issue of a 1846
publication, which ends with Pope CI (Pius IX), and contains a "to be
fulfilled" list, including CVII "Pastor et nauta", obviously, John XXIII
(on whose death in 1963 the world stopped turning for my mother); CVIII 
"Flos florum" (equally obviously Paul VI); CIX "De medietate Lunae" (ní
hansa, no translation needed, again obvious, since he lasted less than a
month); CX "De labore solis" (John Paul II, who has just died).

According to Malachy, the 111th Pope is "Gloriae Olivae".:-)



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