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The growth of the internet in West Africa is being held back by the slow
pace of liberalisation in the market, according to the authors of a new
report published by Balancing Act this month
<>. For the first time ever, this report
looks in detail at the state of the Internet in 22 West African countries.

Only seven of the 22 countries have more than 10,000 dial-up subscribers:
Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D=B9Ivoire, Togo, Guinea, Cameroon and Senegal. The
biggest is Nigeria, which is the third largest market on the continent after
South Africa and Egypt.

According to one of the report=B9s author=B9s, Russell Southwood:"In most
countries of the countries covered, the number of internet subscribers is
growing very slowly or has hit a plateau and without significant changes in
the state of the economy (coupled with deregulation) the number will stay
the same. Nevertheless there are significant growth opportunities in some
markets, particularly those coming out of civil war, the newly-oil rich and

For details of what the report covers:

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