Information Technology Security Resource for Developing Countries

The World Bank infoDev program has recently published an "Information
Technology Security Handbook," oriented to the needs of individuals,
small businesses, governments and system and network administrators
in developing countries.  The Handbook is now available on-line at
the web site

Associated with the handbook is the first of a number of discussion
forums for communication between developing country network and
computer users and persons knowledgeable in security in the developed
world.  It's our hope that the forums can evolve as developing
country needs are identified and articulated on the web site.
Suggestions are welcome, and should be sent to
[log in to unmask]

It would be very much appreciated if the Handbook web site and the
discussion forum could be brought to the attention of Internet and
computer users in the developing world.  infoDev hopes that this
information and the related communications will be a useful tool to
help developing countries avoid some of the negative effects of the
misuse of information technology in their development.

(Full disclosure: I am one of the five authors of the Handbook)