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Hi Ken, 

Thank you so much for all your effort, they do help immensely!

Sorry for not being able to reply earlier, just got
into my office, pacific time.

I remember reading all the discussion that occurred in the xml-dev list
a while ago about XML 1.1.  So, I'm a bit hesitant to output anything
that is XML 1.1 if there's no need to.  

I guess I'll need to somehow control things in the transcoder side, to
avoid things that are legal only in XML 1.1, not sure why the ICU library 
<<>> is transcoding the "1" digit to 0xFF11 
rather than 0x0031, there probably should be a way to make the transcoder
output digit code-points in the latin-1 range, thank you for pointing me 
into this.

I'll read up to see if XML 1.0 is sufficient for handling most CJK characters,
and will also probably allow the option to output XML 1.1 when necessary.

Thanks again!


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> Subject: Re: non-western XML element names?
> I found the encoding problem!
> My initial FTP process wrote out the file with an incorrect 
> number of bytes
> (2355) instead of the true number of bytes (2354).
> Using a different FTP tool I obtained your file with the correct
> size.  That got rid of the encoding problem that was never 
> there in your
> original file.
> At 2004-05-31 16:58 -0700, Juan Chu Chow wrote:
> >(the japanese characters in element name, 3KB)
> > 
> So, the above file begins:
>    T:\>type vectors.xml
>    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
>    <gml2:FeatureCollection xmlns:gml2=""....
> This claims the element types follow XML 1.0 rules, but the code point
> 0xFF11 is not a valid name character in XML 1.0.
> I changed the file to read:
>    T:\>type vectors11.xml
>    <?xml version="1.1" encoding="UTF-16"?>
>    <gml2:FeatureCollection xmlns:gml2=""....
> And the file parses just fine without errors using Xerces 
> 2.6.2 because
> code point 0xFF11 is a valid name character in XML 1.1.
> Sorry to have gotten off on a tangent with the encoding 
> problem triggered
> by the FTP download.
> I hope this helps.
> ........................ Ken
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