From the end of Fled Dúin na nGéd:


942] Iomamain .i. láech amra d'Ulltaib intí Feardomun. Ní
943] térna didiu d'allmarachaib ass acht Dub Díad druí
944] do-deachaid fri folúamain asin chath & níro airis co h-Albain
945] cen luing, cen báirc & láech marb i lenmain dia leathchois,
946] dáig ro chuir Congal glas i cengal itir cech n-dís dia
947] muinntir ag cur in chatha coná teichead neach díb ó
948] chéli

[lomamain ???], he was an extraordinary warrior of the Ulaid, this Ferdomun. No-one of the foreigners escaped, only the druid Dub Diad came flying out of the battle, and
he did not stop (? ar·sissedar?) until Scotland, without boat, without barc, and a dead warrior clinging to one feet, because Congal had bound a fetter between every two of
his men, making battle, so that no-one of them would flee from the other.