>What is interesting in this short entry, apart from the gender of "fecht",
>is what the three wikings and the Irish collaborator are doing: Cnodbae =
>the passage-tomb of
>Knowth, the Cave of Fert Boadan above Dubad = the passage-tomb of Dowth; I
>can't identify the Cave of Achad Aldai and of the wife of engobae/Angobae
>(?), but they are
>probably prehistoric tombs as well. So are they early archeologists? :-)

It's funny, one does wonder what those Vikings (and Irishman) were doing in
the passage-graves.
Your post reminded me of the evidence for a Norse presence inside another
Neolithic site, Maeshowe  in the Orkneys.  Not so related to Irish, but
since we're talking about Vikings --

For those who are interested, the website has a
page on the large number of Norse runic graffiti and drawings inside
Maeshowe (and also includes some nice photos).  As the 'About Maeshowe'
section states:
"Since no artefacts were found when this impressive tomb was opened in 1861,
little can be deduced about its usage. The fact that the surrounding bank
may have been rebuilt in Norse times gives a tantalizing suggestion of reuse
in the 9th century. The Vikings entered the mound during the 12th century
and have left one of the largest collections of runes anywhere, as well as
carvings of a dragon, a serpent and a walrus."

Perhaps there is evidence for Norse presence inside the Irish passage-graves
you mention, corroborating our passage?

- Sarah

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