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Oh, I love your email, Sharon.  Do tell me what kind of work you do.  Where are you in the US?  My four downfalls are books, music, travel and jewelry.  Maybe I would be safer if I did not know what you do!!!

<chuckle>  Well, I don't have much for sale at the moment, so you're somewhat safe.  :)

I'm in my second year as a Jewelry/Metals student at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, about a half hour south of Erie & around 2 hours north of Pittsburgh.  The school's got this amazing art program that most folks don't seem to know is even here. 

What I do at the moment is class assignments.  :)  This last semester, I did a neck piece with a spiculum & bidomal hollow form, a ceremonial object with a lap joint & a forged serving piece.  The neck piece was a torg with a pendant that turned out really nicely, the ceremonial object turned out to be a really, really big drinking horn in sterling silver & the server is a spoon based initially on the designs of Alphonse Mucha (eventually, I will finish the fork that goes with it). 

Next term, I get to do an angle-raised piece, a chain of some sort & a die-formed piece. 

I'm hoping to get a studio website up soon, maybe over Christmas break, where I can put up some photos of my work so folks can see what I'm up to.  It'll be fun.  :)

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