on 2003-11-03 09:55 Michael Brady wrote:

> Curtis said it
> won't load in Mozilla. I'm using Apple's Safari browser and had no
> trouble with it.

I tried it in Opera 7.20, got a blank page just as in Mozilla (Firebird
0.7). In Netscape 4.77 I got the opening page, and could click through
to the second page, but it is only a pink rectangle with a traveling
skull (?). Only when I install the Active-X components (two of them) do
I see the full (I hope) second page. When I click on a download link, I
have to install two more Active-X (and this is considering that all the
stuff is in Flash). Maybe there's something weird about my setup.

I wasn't able to find anything about "mirar", the source of the
Active-X, in Google. Since it's a common Spanish verb, I got muchÝsimas
hits, but nothing useful.

Curtis Clark        
Mockingbird Font Works