From:    Thierry Bouche
> what do you mean by this?

What I mean is that the model of reading that says we resolve
letters individually (serially or in parallel, same difference)
cannot explain why serifs and tight letterspacing ruin reading.
In the bouma model those (and things like the defficiency of
all-caps setting) are integrated very well.

However, *too*-tight letterspacing is also bad, because
a bouma isn't just its external envelope: the balance
between black and white (notan), as expressed in the
relationship between counters and interletter spacing
is important too.

But too-tight is not as as bad as too-loose.

> it somehow preserves bouma-caching, as the only
> actual expectation you have as a reader is that
> the next occurrence of a given word will most
> likely have a different aspect than the one
> you're currently memorizing hopelessly...

I don't get it.