Curtis Clark writes:
> on 2003-11-26 14:20 Christina Thiele wrote:
> > So, is it possible that one has to `box' text in some way, so that the
> > whole entity is rotated, as opposed to the individual letters. Or is
> > it that things should be done the other way around? Dunno anything
> > about how rotations work so ...
> When I make a graph in Excel XP on WinXP (and I recall the same behavior
> back to Excel 97), the Y-axis label is automatically vertical
> (bottom-to-top). I don't know how it would write that to a .ps file, and
> I have to admit that I usually work with TrueType fonts in Excel. I
> wonder if it might not be a font substitution problem? You might want

Now _that_ sounds like a reasonable explanation ... one set of assumed
dimens  being replaced by something that's not the same. I'll pass
this one to the author and see what happens.

Thanks for the lead ...

> the person who created it to explicitly set the font in Excel to the one
> you're expecting to print it with.

Will do.

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