Thanks to a friend that lives in Longparish, I get the UK
editions within a week of release. I agree with you aout the
design of the UK editions as to paper colour and type style.
Thankfully my family has good eyes and my father didn't wear
bifocals till he was allomst 70.

One bit of fun as a sidelight: One morning I had taken one of
the UK versions to a McDonalds to read over breakfast while my
charges made noisy use of the play place. I had set the book,
closed, on a corner of my table while I ate; and a youngster
looked at the cover and asked where I got the counterfiet copy.

--- "Burke, Edward" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Managed to get hold of the UK copy of the Order of the
> Phoenix that I bought
> for my four kids (aged 17 - 25 and all avid fans) earlier
> this year.
> Ouch! Having struggled to read some 150 pages by night, I
> find the body of
> the typeface too light for the off white paper it's printed
> on. Not quite as
> bad by daylight, but I would suggest that sufficient
> consideration wasn't
> given to the book being read in the evenings under artificial
> light by
> readers like me who have just ventured to the other side of
> 50 and who wear
> varifocal lenses. Ironically, the publishers did give
> consideration to us
> 'more mature' readers by re-designing and offering what they
> considered a
> more suitable alternative cover and dust jacket which is
> deemed much more
> appropriate to be seen in the hands of someone past the
> puberty stage - in
> case we should be so shamelessly caught out in the open.
> Still, I'm enjoying
> the storyline so far and I suppose the typeface will prevent
> me from
> overdoing it into the early hours of the morning.
> Ed Burke
> PS
> >All in all I have read no complaints of eyestrain as much as
> >revulsion that Serius Black died at the end of the book,
> killed
> >by his own, unladylike, cousun.
> >MayKitten
> Thank you indeed for divulging this piece of info. Sheesh,
> I've only another
> 700 pages to go yet!
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> > From:    Christina Thiele
> > > It ain't the type.
> >
> > Sure it is, just not by itself.
> > Kids have more drive and less ability to pace themselves,
> > so they are more susceptible to reading fatigue. When the
> > book is very long the slightest advantage in the type can
> > make a difference, especially for kids. Although Garamond
> > is a decent text face, I would venture that its boumas are
> > a bit too bland. Something like Fleischmann's #65 (not yet
> > made digital) could carry readers further with less
> fatigue.
> >
> > hhp
> >

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