Dear Awo/Friend of the Òrìsàs


You are cordially invited to attend the second annual Southern California Odun Ifá (Ifá Festival) which will be held in San Bernardino on Saturday, August 23, 2003.
Place:  1964 Mallory Street
Time:  10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Admission:  Free

The program consists of  speakers, dancers and drummers—all participating to make the festival a wonderful success.  Ìyá Ifásopé Ifálolá will speak on “Devotion,” Ìyá Ifáyómilórí (Dr. Judith Castro) will speak on “Ifá’s Calling to His People Throughout the Diaspora,” Ìyá ’Fáomi Lékun Oyèsányà (Greta Curtis) will speak on “Ifá and the Law,” Ìyá ’Fáyomí ’Fáladé will speak on “Egúngún,” Chief ’Fábòwálé will speak on “Ifá and Creativity.” More speakers are expected.
Merchants who want to rent boot space, individuals and groups wishing to participate should contact Ilé Òrúnmìlà Communications at (909) 475-5851.

It’s a family affair!  You are sincerely welcome to bring your entire family to celebrate IFÁ.  Come and celebrate the Òrìsàs with us.  Come enjoy the pleasures of meeting and celebrating with other Awos. May all the Òrìsàs bless each and everyone of us, ase.

For direction, please contact:
Chief FÁMÀ-(909)475-5851
Chief Ifábòwálé-(909)648-4752
Awo Tóyìn Oládòkun-(310)277-7027
Awo Ségun Oládòkun-(909)680-7400
Awo Adémólá Ògúndé-(818)413-4242

Event Sponsors: 
Ilé Òrúnmìlà Communications
Ilé Òrúnmìlà African Imports
Oládòkun Multimedia Productions
Dòkun Investments.
Ire o
Akòwé Egbé