Dozens of nations around the world are trying to be the "next India" - to
launch successful software exporting industries. There is enormous
excitement around this idea.

Volume 13 of EJISDC - - edited by Erran Carmel of the
American University in Washington DC, USA, is devoted to this theme.

As Erran writes in his editorial introduction to the special issue, "While
many articles have been written on individual nations' software successes
in recent years, this issue represents the first coming together of so
many in-depth analyses on this new generation of software exporting
industries. In this special issue we probably have the first thorough
analyses of the nascent software exporting industries in Iran, Indonesia,
Vietnam, and Bangladesh".

I am sure that you will find the 11 articles in this special issue of the
Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries to be
valuable for your research and practice.

Robert Davison
Editor-in-Chief, EJISDC.