Dear all
I first asked you what could be the conditions for raising seaweed in Seychelles' water
Thanks to everybody that answer me and for the good
I find this question interesting since a friend of mine ask me about the possibility of growing algae in seychelles and
I am discovering an unknown world !!!
but first of all I have to say that is a study case an not yet a real project
I am still trying to understand what is the way of identifying local species that could present good potential
I try to establish a pocedure to follow to understand what is important to consider to raise seaweed and where I can find information on species.
for ex looking through litterature I have found some references on different algae of Seychelles and wonder if they have potential?
(espacially those from Gracilaria sargassum hypnea  and gelidium gender)
any help  or advice on which direction to follow would be nice  

Bryopsis indica

Bryopsis pennata


Codium fragile

Condracanthus teedei


Enteromorpha intestinalis

Gelidium Crinale

Gelidium corymbosum

Gelidium pusillum

Gracilaria blodgettii

Gracilaria canaliculata
Gracilaria cervicornis
Gracilaria corticata
Gracilaria edulis
Gracilaria foliifera
Gracilaria millardetii
Gracilaria multifurcata
Gracilaria salicornia

Grateloupia filicina


Hypnea cenomyce
Hypnea cornuta
Hypnea esperi
Hypnea musciformis
Hypnea nidifica
Hypnea nidulans
Hypnea pannosa
Hypnea saidana
Hypnea spinella
Hypnea valentiae


Laurencia articulata
Laurencia carolinensis
Laurencia ceylanica
Laurencia columellaris
Laurencia corymbosa
Laurencia decumbens
Laurencia distichophylla
Laurencia glandulifera
Laurencia majuscula
Laurencia minuta
Laurencia obtusa
Laurencia papillosa
Laurencia papillosa forma australasica
Laurencia parvipapillata
Laurencia perforata
Laurencia surculigera


Sargassum aquifolium
Sargassum asperifolium
Sargassum cristaefolium
Sargassum duplicatum forma dubium
Sargassum duplicatum var. rotundatum
Sargassum flavicans var. pervillei
Sargassum ilicifolium
Sargassum ilicifolium var. fauvelii
Sargassum ilicifolium var. pseudospinulosum
Sargassum latifolium var. seychellense
Sargassum mcclurei
Sargassum myriocystum
Sargassum oligocystum var. maheense
Sargassum persicum
Sargassum piluliferum
Sargassum polycystum
Sargassum polycystum forma crinitum
Sargassum subrepandum
Sargassum turbinarioides
Sargassum vulgare
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