David Knight wrote:

> If you can get it, Chares Bowen's article "Great-Bladdered Medb:
> Mythology and Invention in the Táin Bo Cúalgne" addresses this
> issue at length (Eire-Ireland, Vol. 4 No.10, 1975).

I don't have that article to hand.  Does Bowen happen to discuss
the women's peeing contest in "Aided Lugdach ocus Derbforgaille"?
It's clear from that tale that the women equate bladder capacity
with sexual prowess, with horrific results for the "winner": the
other women are so jealous of her that they mutilate her so that
men will not desire her: "Gatair a súile assa cind 7 a sróna 7 a
da n-ó 7 a trilis.  Ni ba soaccobraite ón."

Also, Lisa Bitel ("'Conceived in Sins, Born in Delights': Stories
of Procreation from Early Ireland", Journal of the History of
Sexuality, vol. 3, no. 2, 1992), links urination to sexual skill
with the argument that "a woman who can control urination clearly
has well-developed vaginal muscles".