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>A scolóc reviews the varied high points
>of a year's léigenn; sung to the tune of
>"The Twelve Days of Christmas">>

     I didn't see any translation, so here's my attempt.  I'll be happy to
find out my errors. The parts in brackets << >> are the original.  The
English words are mine.  Liz Gabay

<<I n-dib mísaib déec,>>

  In twelve months

<<rommúnus imbed dom>>
    a lot was taught to me??  (I assumed this verb is some variant
of "múin")

<<dá apstal déec,
acht óen ba mraithem,>>
  twelve apostles, but one was a traitor

<<deich timnae rechta,>>
          ten commandments of the law

<<noí tonna mara,>>
       nine waves of the sea

<<ocht n-araid Loga,>>
  eight charioteers of Log (Could this be the genitive of the name of
Cuchulainn's charioteer? I'm not familiar with the background story.)

<<secht ndoruis inte,>>
   seven doors into her (or into it)  Maybe refers to Diarmaid and
Gráinne's hideout.

<<sé gabála Éirenn,>>
   six invasions of Ireland

<<cóic aicmi oguim,>>
   five types of ogham

<<cethair cóicid Fáil>>
   four provinces of Ireland

<<trí maic drúise>>
   three amorous sons (or young men)

<<dá láech oc glíaid>>
   two heroes fighting

<<ocus súil millti isin chiunn mór.>>
and a destructive eye in a big head.