this has nothing to do with Namibia, per se.  The market is so big
that Microsoft is a contender, and the Schoolnet "donation" issue is a
piss in the ocean.

In any case Schoolnet has a budget of gazillions due to foreign
development aid, so money is not the issue at all, which I personally
rather saw spent on linux than on the salaries at Schoolnet head

The slashdot discussion is the typical irrelevant off topic drivel
that one has become used to, since all undergrads on earth get access
to the Web.

Nevermind that the email fulfills SPAM criteria and the language of it
leaves to be desired.

Linux has been used here since 1991. To connect the country to the
Internet and by virtually all ISPs, as is BSD. Unfortunately,
Microsnot is still the prevailing client OS here and there is nothing
that can change that, as hard as we try.

Microsnot is going to give us the "Why Linux is Bad" spiel on November
11, unfortunately in the capital city, Windhoek, which is too far
away to just hop down and give them a run for their money.

greetings, el
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cGee writes:
> [Taken from the Slashdot Daily Newsletter.--Art]
> +-------------------------------------------------------------+
> | Namibia Says "No Thanks" To Microsoft Donation With Strings |
> |   from the you'll-laugh-a-lot dept.                         |
> |   posted by HeUnique on Thursday October 31, @20:46 (ed)    |
> |       |
> +-------------------------------------------------------------+
> The Register posted an [0]update about Namibia's SchoolNet,
> Microsoft "donations", and what looks like Namibia final
> decision. Apparently, MS's "donated" contributions would
> have been so small (and would have required such a large
> investment in OS licenses), that SchoolNet Namibia found
> it wasn't even worth bothering with. A very interesting
> article.
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