The following announcement concerning the next Unicode conference
appeared on the sw-i18n-l10n list at: (see that
address for full announcement; in a quick check of the http:// site & IUC23 page it was not readily evident where this
CFP was located).

Will any Afrik-IT members be there? Does anyone have any idea about the
level of involvement of other African IT specialists in these Unicode
conferences?  One has the impression that it is as yet fairly limited, but I'd
be interested to learn otherwise and make contact with any that are
involved.  Thanks in advance.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Call for Papers! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Twenty-third Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC23)
Unicode, Internationalization, the Web: The Global Connection
Week of March 24-28, 2003
Prague, Czech Republic

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Send in your submission now! <<<<<<<<<<<<

Submissions due: November 15, 2002
Notification date: November 29, 2002
Completed papers due: January 6, 2003
(in electronic form and camera-ready paper form)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Just 3 weeks to go! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Internationalization & Unicode Conference is the premier technical
conference worldwide for both software and Web internationalization. The
conference (renamed from "Unicode Conference" to more accurately
reflect its content) features tutorials, lectures, and panel discussions that
provide coverage of standards, best practices, and recent advances in the
globalization of software and the Internet. Attendees benefit from the wide
range of basic to advanced topics and the opportunities for dialog and
idea exchange with experts in the field. The conference runs multiple
sessions simultaneously to maximize the value provided.

New technologies, innovative Internet applications, and the evolving
Unicode Standard bring new challenges along with their new capabilities.
This technical conference will explore the opportunities created by the
latest advances and how to leverage them for global users, as well as
potential pitfalls to be aware of, and problem areas that need further
research. There will also be demonstrations of best practices for
designing applications that can accommodate any language.

We invite you to submit papers that relate to Unicode or any aspect of
software and Web Internationalization. You can view the programs of
previous conferences at:

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