Dear colleague

I would like to commission a write-up of one or two examples
of good practice in learning from e-government failure; paying
300 for each write-up.

From earlier discussions on egov4dev, it emerged that e-gov
failure can have benefits: but only if those around the project
can learn from that failure.

I would like to circulate some examples of e-gov failure good
practice: projects in which those involved did learn from the
failure.  Learning could be about the specific e-gov application
and/or about e-government in general and/or about the
organisation and context.

But the focus of interest in these written-up case examples will
be not so much on what was learned, but on how learning took
place, and on transferable ideas about how best to learn from e-
gov failure.

So, do you know of an e-gov project failure in which project
members adopted good practices in order to learn from that

If you do, and you would like to be considered as a case writer,
can you please email me direct  [log in to unmask] -
with the following details by October 31:
1. You and the case: who you are, your contact details, and
your source of evidence for the case.
2. The e-gov project failure: a brief overview of the project (the
public sector organisation involved, the country, the type of e-
gov application, how it failed)
3. Learning good practice: a brief statement of the mechanisms
used by project stakeholders to learn from the failure.
4. Learning: a brief statement of what was learned.
The overall statement of all four parts need be no more than
300 words.

Note that both your identity and the identity of organisation
involved can be made anonymous in any published case if you

You can view a suggested framework (subject to discussion
with the selected case authors) for the final cases at:

The case examples would need to be completed by November

You can view some ideas about the possible benefits of e-gov
failure, and a possible approach to learning from e-gov failure

If you have any questions about the commissioning of these
"learning from e-gov failure" case examples, do please contact

Richard Heeks ([log in to unmask])
Moderator, egov4dev

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