26 September, 2002

Dear colleagues and friends,

It gives me great pleasure to share with you that the four partner
institutions -- Ford, Rockefeller, and MacArthur Foundations and
Carnegie Corporation of New York -- have agreed to support the launching
of the Journal of Higher Education in Africa at a meeting that took
place in Accra, Ghana, last week.

As you know, we have been working hard on the proposal for a period of
time in collaboration with a number of African institutions, that
include the Association of African Universities (Ghana), Educational
Policy Unit of the University of Western Cape (South Africa),
UN-Economic Commission for Africa, UN-ECA (Ethiopia), and the
Organization for Social Science Research in East and Central Africa,
OSSREA (Ethiopia). We would like to seize this opportunity to extend our
heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all those who assisted us in
making this initiative a reality.

The Journal of Higher Education in Africa will be launched as a joint
collaborative effort between the Center for International Higher
Education, Boston College (USA) and the Council for the Development of
Social Science Research in Africa widely known as CODESRIA (Dakar,
Senegal). The Journal will have joint editorship and joint ownership
with clearly designated tasks of the two collaborating institutions. The
Journal will have three levels of management: editorial team, editorial
and advisory boards.

We are now shifting gears to begin the real work of publishing the
Journal. We will be soliciting articles, inviting prospective board
members, and establishing the style and format of the Journal. In the
next couple of weeks we will be intensively working to develop the
framework of the Journal and its guidelines.

We are optimistic that this Journal will emerge as a very important
forum to debate and deliberate on major higher education issues on the
continent. We will be working with the community of African higher
education experts, policy makers, and scholars to use this forum to
engage the major higher education issues that affect the continent. As
the Journal will be distributed to the libraries of African higher
education institutions without cost, we are hopeful that the issues and
the discussions surrounding African higher education will have a
targeted and wider community of readers, users, and contributors. And we
hope that you will be a member of this community.

Keep tuned,

With best regards

Damtew Teferra, Ph. D.
Journal of Higher Education in Africa

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