Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20020802-01         Ticket Status: CLOSE
 Ticket Type:   Scheduled                   Ticket Source: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Scope:  Site                        Site/Line:     HEAnet <==> NCIR
 Ticket Owner:  [log in to unmask]   Problem Fixer: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Opened:                             Problem Start: 20020802 12:15:00 UTC+1
 Ticket Closed: 20020807  09:08:21 UTC      Problem End:   20020807 09:47 UTC+1

Problem Description:

NCI notify that their circuit and services to are go offline as part of preparation for migration to new premises over the course of the weekend.


All traffic to and from NCI. MX backup is at at Kerna.


Time to Fix:

 Additional Notes:

Move is complete, Links to both existing and new campuses are active