Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20020618-01         Ticket Status: UPDATE
 Ticket Type:   Scheduled                   Ticket Source: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Scope:  Site                        Site/Line:     HEAnet <==> Citywest
 Ticket Owner:  [log in to unmask]   Problem Fixer: Eircom
 Ticket Opened:                             Problem Start: 20020618 21:00 UTC+1
 Ticket Closed:                             Problem End:

Problem Description:

Eircom to carry out tests on ATM bearer circuit carrying PVCs to Citywest from 21:00-22:00, followed by further tests and a card replacement during Wednesday's maintenance window 08:00-10:00.


IPv6 connectivity between Dublin and Citywest, backup IPv4 PVC between Dublin and Citywest.


20020618 Eircom outline test plan. Bearer circuit is to be looped between 21:00-22:00 on 18/6/02, followed by a card replacement and further testing between 08:00-10:00 on 19th
20020619 10:10 UTC+1 Kevin from Eircom is finished testing he found no errors but has replaced the ATM card anyway, they will monitor the link for any further errors.

20020619 16:00 Eircom confirm that errors are still occuring. The circuit will be taken down between 17:00 this evening and 09:00 on 20/6/02 for further testing.

20020716 Request followup from Eircom who report that some errors continue and that they will arrange to have the ATM ACE box replaced. This has not yet been scheduled.

20020826 Eircom request to close ticket. ATM ACE box has not been replaced. They are going to investigate if the errors are still occurring and schedule a replacement if required.

20020829 Arrangement made for Eircom to come on site to test and possible replace ATM ACE box. Outage is between 8:00 am and 10:00 am on
4/9/02 during our maintance window.

Time to Fix: