Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20020825-01         Ticket Status: UPDATE
 Ticket Type:   Unscheduled                 Ticket Source: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Scope:  Site                        Site/Line:     HEA-BS0848416
 Ticket Owner:  [log in to unmask]      Problem Fixer: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Opened:                             Problem Start: 20020825  03:20 UTC+1
 Ticket Closed:                             Problem End:

Problem Description:

(line name is wrong in 'Site/Line' description!!!)
NOCOL does not work towards HEA.
This is an ATM/STM-1 circuit of EsatBT


HEA itself


nothing yet, until found out which link-name

Time to Fix:

unknown Additional Notes:

will inform EsatBT around 09:00