Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20020806-02         Ticket Status: OPEN
 Ticket Type:   Unscheduled                 Ticket Source: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Scope:  Line                        Site/Line:     HEAnet <==> Abilene
 Ticket Owner:  [log in to unmask]   Problem Fixer: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Opened: 20020806  12:10:39 UTC      Problem Start:
 Ticket Closed:                             Problem End:

Problem Description:

Unable to reach sites connected to internet 2 at the minute
Phobos sees routes from abilene and can traceroute to I2 sites.
Traceroutes from with heanet fail at phobos.


all traffic from HEAnet to


Time to Fix: