Hi James,

> From: James Mathieson
> Whoa! *shielding eyes*
> Ray, what's REALLY dangerous there is that tartan! Now we know
> how you defeat your enemies in battle! You throw open your cloak
> and blind them!

Yeah, well. It`s a kind of magic!

> James
> (who wears his hunting tartan, which is much more pleasing to the
> eyes!)

Well, more pleasing to the eye your`s may be, but that never was the
intention when designing the costume in the first place. Rather, the
intention was to show people that the assumption the people of the past
couldn`t dye their clothes in bright colour is simply wrong. As such, the
trousers are blood red as their basic colour, the vest is bright yellow, and
the cloak is shining blue! Agreed, it looks more like the clothing of  a
clown, but I`ve had a lot of people starting to argue with me because of the
colours, which allowed me to tell them a bit about the possibilities of
people in the past - as such, it worked out pretty much as planned...
And, of course, my enemies always are that astonished that it`s easy to
finish them off... ;-)

All the best,


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