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> ... The story appears twice in commentaries to the legal text Din
>Techtugud "On Taking Possession of Land", in CIH iii 907.36-908.6 (= C)
>and in CIH v 1859.6-15 (= D). I am not aware that any edition or translation
>has been made of this short story so far; but if any edition/translation
>please tell me so: I'd be the more happy.

The passage at CIH 1859.6f is printed (at pp 4 and 6) and translated (at pp
5 and 7) in volume iv of the Ancient Laws of Ireland (AL).

Here is the translation as published in AL. (Words in square brackets are
printed in italics in AL.)

"Ninne, son of Matech, [one] of the Feini, went northwards into the country
of the Uladh with three horsemen to visit friends, and they unharnessed
their horses in a land which had previously belonged to their tribe, [but]
it was not to demand a share therein; and the person whose land it was said
to them, take away your horses from the land. Then the two who were with
Ninne replied: it does not make our claim greater that we have unharnessed
our horses here; it is not to claim a share therein. This is not easy for
it was your own before; they shall not be [left] there for that reason.
They did not know until then that the land had been theirs before. They did
not remove their horses from thence. The person whose land it was then
drove their horses from it by force. They afterwards applied to Conchobhar
Mac Nessa concerning it, and he awarded a fine for unlawful expulsion upon
the person who drove the horses out of the land, and an equivalent of what
was driven off it, and he gave them lands in proportion to their family."

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