Arsa David:
>I thought the irony would be immediately understood. But I'll switch on
>irony mode the next time I post anything like that:

No need to do that, David, but you can expect it to take some of us time to
learn your kind in irony (this is my first time to see you attempt that).

Back to my point (you may get less mail than I, or have more time to read
list msgs, so feel free to see this as a personal carp): I mostly use this
list as a place in which I am not expected to teach, where I can delight in
exploring my own heritage, and sometimes float ideas emerging locally, to
see if contemporary scholars elsewhere will take a wee nibble.

The problem with unflagged satire, especially if we get a series of pieces
such as we have just seen (only to be expected from disgruntled university
types), is that it makes for too much work to scan through and manually
filter that out, to leave only what one values, or is worth handing on to
others offline.

Another problem is anonymity - the lowest form of life on an internet
service being the anonymous sender! - having 'O-I-L-C' ("C" = composition),
or citing the (Nick)names of contemporary OI composers in subject headers
would help.

Arsa Francine:
>If one is going to use a behavioral model from another culture to describe
>one in Irish culture, then I think the first step is to look at what the
>other culture's model is and only then see if it truly applies.

F's point being best illustrated by the nature of the satire in q.:-)

Marion Gunn <[log in to unmask]>