Hi Henry,

If I were the list administrator, I would do that very thing for
you.  However, all I can suggest is that you might want to create a spoofed
email profile for your old address and send the unsubscribe from
there.  Unfortunately, Listserve was never designed to handle email address
changes within a single subscription.  Lyris (, on the other
hand, does this quite elegantly.


At 09:40 AM 14/06/02 +0200, HENRY WATERMEYER wrote:
>Morning Steve
>'fraid I cannot.  That address is long dead.
>First prize would be for you to change this address to
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>Please note that I am retiring at the end of May 2002.
>New personal contact details are as follows:
>[log in to unmask]        fax +27-(0)11-882-7251     'phone +27-(0)84
>PO Box 262, Wits, 2050, South Africa
>Henry C Watermeyer                              'phone +27 (0) 11
>Director                                                   'fax
>+27 (0) 11 339-1225
>Computer & Network Services                 mobile +27 (0) 82 800 8862
>University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
>p/bag 3, Wits, 2050, South Africa
> >>> <[log in to unmask]> 05/12/00 12:04AM >>>
>Send your unsubscribe messages to:
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>and put the words:
>in the body of the message.  Make sure that you send this email from
>same email account with which you subscribed to the list.
>Cheers...  Steve

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