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For several years now, there has been talk of the need to focus our
'development with ICTs' efforts on ways to encourage and support 'local

Thus, the report of the DOT Force points to local content development and
dissemination as critical to the local appropriation of ICTs for development
purposes. But it gives little insight into exactly what content, for what
purposes, and with what expected development impacts. Nor does it indicate
how exactly the processes of local content creation, adaptation, and sharing
can best be supported.

As an input to the work of the Digital Opportunities Taskforce (DOT Force),
IICD is working with DFID, OneWorld and other partners to identify and
document how local organisations and communities in developing countries are
using ICTs to create, adapt, and exchange local content. We are looking for
examples and cases as well as insights into critical success and support
factors. We will provide a short report to DFID on these issues by the end
of March 2002.

Brief information on trhe project is available on the web at:

But we need your help. By:

        -       Sharing your experiences and ideas regarding what is meant
by 'local content' and how it can be propagated. Contact me directly by
email ([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>) or send a message
to this list.
        -       Completing the attached form describing how you are
generating, adapting, or exchanging a particular type of local content [rtf
file attached]. Send it to me at [log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>
        -       Forwarding this message to any local contacts or partners
who are doing interesting things with local content.
        -       Suggesting who we can contact to solicit further case
experiences and lessons. 

Looking forward to hearing from you in the coming month!


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