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                  May 12-13, 2002
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The Africa Network Operators' Group (AfNOG) will hold its 3rd meeting
(AfNOG 3) in Lome, Togo from May 12th - 13th 2001. This event will follow
an AfNOG-organised 5 day intensive training workshop.

AfNOG 3 will be a two day technical forum for tutorials, presentations and
discussions relating to Internet networking, issues on cooperation,backbone
networking technologies, and operational practices.

Day 1 of AfNOG3 will be a series of technical tutorials and Day 2 will
include a morning session of short presentations, to be followed by an
afternoon of open discussions. Topics for tutorials/presentation will have
emphasis on relevance to current backbone engineering practices. It is
expected this conference will draw up to 200 participants, mainly
consisting of engineering staff from national service providers, managers
from IT Enterprises and members of the research and education community.

There will also a be a meeting for the Africa Internet Registry (Afrinic -
see ) on the 14th of May. The AfNOG and Afrinic
meetings will be held at Mercure Hotel, Sarakawa, Lome, Togo.

For more information about these events, conference hotels, schedules,and
logistics, see and

AfNOG3 invites presentations on backbone engineering, coordination, and
research topics. Presentations should be non-commercial and should
highlight issues relating to technology already deployed or soon to be
deployed in core Internet backbones and exchange points.

* Network Infrastructure
* Network Security
* Wireless Technologies
* Network Management & Capacity Planning
* Peering and Internet Exchanges
* Internet Content
* Backbone traffic engineering
* Inter-provider security and routing protocol authentication
* Security issues for the Internet core
* Content Networking
* Rural Internet Access

Submit an informal one-or two-paragraph abstract describing the
presentation in email to: [log in to unmask] deadline for
proposals is March 1st, 2002. Abstracts will be accepted after March 1st on
the basis of timeliness and quality of the presentation. Presenters will be
notified of acceptance by April 1, 2002.

Suggestions/recommendations for technical tutorials and other presentation
topics can also be sent to [log in to unmask]

AfNOG Mailing List
The AFNOG mailing list is established to provide a forum for the exchange
of technical information and the discussion of specific implementation
issues that require cooperation among African network service providers.
Coordination among network service providers helps ensure the stability of
overall service to network users.In order to continue to provide a useful
forum for discussion of relevant technical issues, the list is governed by
the following guidelines:

1. Discussion will focus on Internet operational and technical issues.

2. Postings that include foul language, and lack of respect for other
participants are prohibited.

3. Blatant product marketing is unacceptable.

4. Postings of a political nature are discouraged. There are numerous other
mailing lists for this.So that we can maintain useful technical
discussions, please respect these guidelines.

To subscribe, send an email message to [log in to unmask] with 'subscribe
afnog' (without the quotes) as text in the body of the message.