I also wonder about this. Together with this taxonomist difference, there may be also method difference, there are several methods for phytoplankton counts and identifications. We use sedimentation method for preparing the samples for identification and we count the phytoplankton within a Sedgewick Rafter cell. Some other people centrifuge the samples, some other ones use settling chambers. I will also be glad if anybody have any information related with this and share it with us.
Thanks, Elif
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Subject: Criteria for QA/QC

Dear Colleagues:
I am wondering if there is any standard criteria (published or report) for QA/QC acceptability i.e. if algal identifications and counts from two taxonomists are compared for QA/QC, at what level of differences between the two counts are the results acceptable.  I believe Bray-Curtis dissimilarity index may be used.  What value can be acceptable.
I would be glad to hear from those who have any information that I will find useful.  Also, any publication on this would be highly appreciated.
I can post the list of responses on the net if others are interested.
Thanks in advance.
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