Le Bateman schrieb:
>  What are the origins of the Celts in Britain, Scotland, and Ireland. Could
> they have migrated from Scythia, and established themselves in the British
> Isles.

No, that's absolutely impossible, as, as far as can be said, Celtic
culture, if it existed as such at all (i.e. if it is not a whole complex
of "local" developments everywhere that only appears to us as a largely
similar cultural), developed somewhere in central or central western

> Or is the more likely scenario that they migrated from the Danube
> region of Central Europe.

Only in the long term if at all. There's little indication of one
determinable migration from somewhere in central Europe to Britain (or
in fact anywhere else). So if it was a migration phenomenon at all
(which has been quite strongly disputed in the last two or three
decades), it was a whole series of minor, short-range migrations, at
best of small population groups (most likely social elites).

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