Hi Stiof, hi all,

Stiof schrieb:
> Personally I think we should include France, Switzerland, Austria,
> Italy (northern), Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania...
> did I miss any?

Of course! Turkey (at least the fillings), the Czech Republic, Slovakia,
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, (southern) Poland, Liechtenstein,
Andorra, the Netherlands, Denmark (of Gundestrup fame) and maybe
Moldavia, White Russia and the Ukraine (several isolated possibly La
Tène finds from there). ;-)

> sarcasm? whazzat?

Oh well, I don't know.

> How about you consider restructuring the whole thing into a timeline
> structure rather than isolating each topic. I notice archaeology for
> example gets no look-in in the original structure.

A good idea. If we set it up online, we can build in cross-references
anyways. Perhaps we could even make it in a database structure, with
several keywords for each entry?

> Origins
> Organisations

Ok Stiof, you have my vote for that one!


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