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Christopher Gwinn schrieb:
> >Well, as far as it seems, it is rather likely that virtually all fairhaired
> >Irish or Scottish persons actually have a Viking influence > in their
> >ancestry,
> I think that might be going a bit too far - long before the Vikings, Tacitus
> has this to say of the Britons:

A bit too far, maybe, but that's what it seems to be based on the
anthropological studies of graves, as far as I have seen as yet.
However, that all were older studies, we'll see what new, genetical
research will bring us as results.

> 11. "Who were the original inhabitants of Britain, whether they were
> different from today, and indicative of a mixed population all sharing in a
> Insular Celtic culture.

Well, that wouldn't actually surprise me at all, only it isn't too well
along the lines what seems to be the archaeological position on that.
But given the debates about ethnicity in archaeology that are currently
raging, I'd doubt that anyone has bothered about getting any newer
results in that direction lately, or cared to publish that (as would be
somewhat opposing to the "outside influx to the small darkhaired
mesolithic western European atlantic fringe people didn't take place"
theory that is so en vogue with British archaeologists currently).

> Weren't the
> Mesolithic people (whom gave a lot of their genes to Western Europeans)
> known for their large height?

Not that I have heard of, it's rather the opposite of what I've heard
yet. According to what I have read, they were rather smallish on the

> I think that if these stone age people had
> been settled in such a northerly climate for many thousands of years they
> would tend to be a bit fairer than their southern counterparts as well.

Well, not necessarily. Fair complexion is not necessarily an advantage
in the high north (as one can pretty well see with the Inuit and
Siberian circumpolar populations, all of which tend to be of rather dark
complexion. It might well be that the especially light complexion of the
Scandinavian populations is rather based on a specific milk-based diet
in combination with living relativly high to the North, rather than on
living in the north alone.

> In any case, a small/dark type in Scotland could just as easily be due to
> Roman soldiery from the Mediterranean settling down in Scotland during the
> occupation.

That could be a possibility.

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