Hi Amy,

thanks for the interesting comments.

Amy Hale schrieb:

> James and I had a friendly exchange in 2 editions of Folklore in 2000 (vol
> 111, nos.1&2) if anyone cares to look at it.  One thing that struck me after
> having spoken with both James and Malcolm Chapman (yes, he exists!!) is the
> fact that neither of them have ever been invited into the exchange with
> Celticists. There have been lots of published arguments and counter
> arguments, but no real communication.

Which is actually a shame - even though, as probably has become pretty
evident from my mails now, I'm not of their opinion. In fact, the
discussions I had with John Collis were pretty interesting, even though
I then failed to see what the point in all that fuss really was, in fact
I think I still fail to see the point.

BTW, I really enjoyed that book you edited on New Directions in Celtic
Studies, even though I thought something about new approaches in the
"ancient" part of the discipline were missing in it. Anyways, that's
probably only because I'm more interested in the old stuff.

All the best,

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