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> The relevance for Celtic Studies is that we need to pay attention
> to the way Celtic peoples have been represented over time.  The
> Barddas material is especially interesting because of the context in
> which it was written and what Iolo was hoping to achieve with it.
> for me it's "authenticity" is less important than how the text has
> been interpreted and used over time.

And, of course, we should also not forget that Welsh culture in the modern
period is also a topic of Celtic Studies, and Iolo Morgannwg definitly is an
important person in his time, as are his writings. That Barddas is not what
it claims to be does not say that it is not an authentic "Celtic" text, only
that it is not an authentic Ancient Celtic text! As a product of it`s time,
however, it is as interesting as, if not even more interesting than most, of
its contemporary texts from Wales.


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