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> JJ en deus skrivet:
> >  De mat deoh.  Do you speak Breton?
> Ya, mad a-walc'h. Perak e c'houlennit? Gouzout a ouzit brezhoneg
> ivez?

Ne ket gomz Brezoneg!  I can read it somewhat. It's
hard to get Breton material in the USA (I'M not on
the Internet).  Everybody has a few Stivell albums
and some Bagads (like Gaelic Force) and that's it.
No learning courses, I can find. I stayed in Mor-
bihan for a few months with French-speakers and
brought back acouple dictionaries (which I've lost)
Vannetais and general dialects. If you know of any
body handling Breton material, let me know.

I don't know much about Cornish.  I haven't found
the list yet.  My mail program is a complete piece.
Are there any Breton mail-lists, yet?

Breton books are also hard to get. I'd like to get
Barzaz Breiz and some Hemon books but even Celtic
Studies doesn't have much.

Sorry, if I'm slow, this mailer SUX!!!!


  Janet Owen

> > "Dygogan Awen Dygobryssyn"
> And you seem to be primarily interested in Cornish. Correct?
> Albert

 "Dygogan Awen Dygobryssyn"