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> > Yes, the Gauls were Celts.  I have never heard a
> > difinitive answer as to where the Celts truly originated
> > from.  Beyond what you already know the only other thing
> > I've read (don't remember source) some came from what is
> > modern day Hungary but no idea where they were before
> > that.
> I hope the venerable scholars on this list will excuse me for this
> post.
> Just that the reference to Hungary triggered an indirect mental link
> to
> Carpathian and the Caucasian regions which in turn pointed me
> vaguely in the
> Aryan direction.

> Does anybody here have any ideas with regards to any keltoi-aryan
> relation
> in any respect (i.e.. linguistic, ethnic, migratory, etc.).

If Aryan means Indo-European then they are
certainly Aryan. But I think Aryan doesn't mean
too much.

They seem to have been everywhere. If you see
a river with a "dn" in it, from the Dneipr to the
Danube, a Kelt probably named it.  W. dyfn == water
but that's modern (for Welsh, it's only 600 years
old :)).

 "Dygogan Awen Dy-go-bryssyn"