jbrady asked:

> Do two fonts of the same face, one a PostScript Type 1 font and one
> a
> TrueType font, have the same *exact* font metrics (character width,
> standard kerning, etc.) or is there a difference between them?
Depends on how they were put together---the metrics can be virtually
identical as the Monotype analogues of the LaserWriter ``gang of 35'' in
Microsoft's TrueType Font Pack Vol. 1 evidenced, but the norm is for a
very different emsquare (1000 units / em for PostScript, 2048 (or some
other order of 2) / em for TrueType), and the bitmap calculations are
necessarily different (though this can vary according to the
application). One difference, as evidenced by MS Word (depending upon
one's settings / version) is that with Type 1 fonts, each character's
position is rounded off, while with TrueType, all are added together and
rounding only occurs at the last character.

The typically available versions of Linotype Times for PostScript and
TimesNewRoman TrueType are not good to compare 'cause the former is
based on the 18pt design size and the latter on the 12.


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