>Michael Brady wrote:
>% Back in grad school, I made up my own diacritic to show an abbreviated
>% word, initials in an abbreviation, or an acronym.
>I generally use apostrophes and periods for this purpose. (o'clock,
>Mr., and it's are common examples, but I've seen printed work,
>especially from the 19th century, which made larger elisions
>than are common today, something like `Exhib'n of Astound'g Nat'l
>Wonders! Tues.--Fri. 4 o'clock')

We were just having a conversation on the InfoDesign Cafe list about
periods--U.S. becoming US, for instance--and acronyms becoming just
plain old words--NATO becoming Nato and SCUBA, LASER, SNAFU, and
RADAR becoming scuba becoming scuba, laser, snafu, and radar.

Sometimes the apostrophe sort of abbreviations you're talking about
stop being abbreviations, too. I suspect that I am one of fourteen
people left in the world who spell Halloween as Hallowe'en. (I
suspect that four of the others are probably on this list, too.)

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