> From: Jill Bell <[log in to unmask]>
> Yuck....hate PDF manuals.  Sorry, I didn't make that clear. I mean a
> REAL manual that I can hold in my hands and read in the living room
> and NOT have to print myself, punch holes in and put in a notebook.
> I can tolerate PDF (or any copy on my monitor) up to about 5 pages. I
> downloaded the demo a year or two ago....finally deleted it after
> never doing more than opening it and closing it.  I would learn it if
> I had a real version and a job to do on it (although it could
> feasibly go the way of InDesign which I have a full copy of, but
> because I always need to get things done in a hurry, I fall back and
> use Quark because I know it).

I agree with you about PDF manuals and especially about trying to getting to
know new software when you're intimate terms with another program. It takes
a long time to get to know a program inside and out and it becomes a very
real psychological barrier no matter how much better some new program may
be. This is especially true in going from Fontographer to FontLab since it
appears similar but works differently than Fontographer in many subtle and
disorienting ways. I bought FontLab a year or two ago and really want to
switch, but, you know, I'd rather spend my time working on fonts and
Fontographer, for all its limitations, can still accomplish the basic task.
I do intend to switch, and if (when) I switch to OS X, it appears I will
have no choice (FOG does not work in OS X, FL does).

I've owned and used Fontographer since version 1 (the first commercial
program to feature Bezier curve editing!) and I think it's sad that
Macromedia has dropped development on it. (Are any AltSys guys even there

I'll keep trying to learn FontLab, but... fonts to do.

Mark Simonson