From: Jason Babler
> [Paydirt] is the *exact* same font as ScanJam's Cassandra

I think they're both revivals of the same 19th C design.
This probablility is reinforced by the general feeling
that Joshua would never swipe a design.

> Waiting for a response from ScanJam will make me a bitter old man

That's probably because Joshua's "maiden" foundry
effort now takes second place to his new job at the
Hoefler foundry, and he most likely doesn't check his
ScanJam email too often. I had the same problem about
a year ago, and now it's probably worse.


From: "Christopher R. Maden"
> Yet another reason not to use tables for layout

Come on, Chris - don't be a Nielsen. Tables are one
of the few sufficiently reliable methods in HTML.

I use a rat's nest of tables on my site, and even
though everything is defined to the pixel it renders
perfectly on all the browser/OS configs that I've tried.
I think Dreamweaver just knows how to please everybody.


From: "Daynes, John C."
> Does anyone have experience generating
> bitmap characters from a Chinese font?

Pyrus's upcoming BitFonter might do it.