From: Sander Pinkse
> I gave it a shot, ....

Thank you so much!
My knight in Dutch armor.

From: Gunnar Swanson
> The coins are strange. What's up with the national variants?

Maybe it was to appease nationalist feelings. I think it's
a great idea (the things have *two* sides, after all), and
maybe they didn't do it to the paper money because of:
1. Cost.
2. Too much divergence, which is much more of a pitfall
   than in coins (with the colors, patterns, etc).
Anything else?

From: Harvey Fishman
> Hey, it's only money. ;-)

You're not kidding. The last thing we need is *more* respect
for money. Beauty is great*, and I'm not saying money should
be ugly (like the new US stuff) - it should be *nondescript*.
I've been letting my baby boy play with (more like dismantle)
my wallet in an effort to prevent an unhealthy reverence for
the stuff. And I think the first thing a contemporary graphic
designer should do is refuse to design attractive currency.

* That Dutch note with the orange sunflower
  (the 50 guilder?) is simply captivating.

As an aside: When people speak of social responsability in graphic
design, they generally fail to realize what's at the heart of the
problem: materialism. And most of them fail as a coping mechanism:
doing so would make most of their life-decisions (like concocting
and abusing laws to protect intellectual property - e.g. DMCA) very
non-sensical. These people suffer from severe hypocrisy - which is
even worse than materialism.


From: Delve Withrington
> But I was nervous - that was my first time on stage.

Dude, you have gallery showings of your art. That would
make me much more nervous - but luckily I have no talent!