At 06:42 PM 8/2/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>My guess is that Amazon simply hasn't updated their Web-catalog. I went
>back just now to double check, and you are correct that they are
>advertising the 1997 edition. But they sent me Version 2.4 (2001) -- that
>is what I have on my desk as I write. When I bought it, I was just wanting
>a copy. I was unaware of which version I was getting.

>You should write them, I bet they only have version 2.4 and couldn't give
>you a 1997 edition if you wanted it.

Actually, what's happened most likely is that H&M put out a new edition
without changing the ISBN. Calling it version "2.4" leads me to believe
that it's ultimately just a reprinting with corrections.


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