At 08:32 PM 07/31/2001, Stephen Coles wrote:
>On 7/31/01 8:52 PM, David E. Hollingsworth wrote:
> > [I actually tried sending this last week, but it didn't appear & I
> > stopped receiving typo-l messages to fastanimals.]
> >
> >
> > Glimpses of TypeCon 2001
> > David E. Hollingsworth ([log in to unmask])
> >
> > Hearing a distinctly non-Carterian voice say, "Hello, I'm Matthew
> > Carter," I look up to see--who else--Chank Diesel signing in at the
> > registration desk.
>David! You put my review to shame.

In all due respect, Stephen, and also David, I think both reviews have been
absolutely delightful to read. They're each different and wonderful
reading, IMO. :-)

I'm also so thoroughly enjoying reading these. It gives me a tremendously
positive image in my mind of this conference, too. It sounds like it was
quite a memorable experience and certainly one that I'd love to attend next
year after reading these two reviews, press releases and the site info.

I'm not a typographer.... but I love typefaces, the art of typeface design,
and everything about it. I'm also quite immersed in typefaces all day long
with my web design projects for clients and my own sites. (I have a
business with web design and development.) My mom's enthusiasm for
calligraphy and typography rubbed off on me when I was a young child and
I've been hooked ever since. She was an art major and showed me the world
through her artistic, appreciative eyes, and her beautiful view was quite

Stephen also kindly gave his permission for me to publish his review at my
site, too, so here's an HTML version of it with a few of my own thoughts
and a couple of graphics tossed in to the mix:

Special Review of the Latest Smash, TypeCon2001

Oh, and I also wrote some comments and included the press release when
TypeCon had just ended:

Connecting With Typography at TypeCon2001

>  I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet.
>It seems we crossed paths many times and never said hello*. For one, I was
>at the bar that night when Timmy passed out all the beer. But I sat on the
>step near the wall being reclusive with Josh Darden. It's easy to lose
>contact with reality and your surroundings when talking to Josh. Talking to
>him is like watching a movie.

Sounds like quite an interesting adventure. :-)

>Anyway, excellent piece. Thank you.
>Stephen Coles
>* I blame myself. It was my first TypeCon and I was being a shy guy.

I thank you both for writing these reviews and sharing some of your
thoughts and experiences about it.


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