At 06:03 AM 08/14/2001, Jill Bell wrote:
>>{Pardon Cross-Post}
>>This was supposed to be ready for TypeCon2001,
>>but I hope it's still better late than never:
>A very fine and interesting review, Hrant.

I raise my hand and send big kudos to you also. Terrific. I found it very
helpful. Coming from a web designer perspective, I found it fascinating
even thought I don't begin to know the history and fine details that so
many of you do who create typefaces and are so much more immersed in this.
I love learning about all this, so the review was enlightening in that
regard in addition to exploring another very interesting typeface.

>And a very interesting font as well (that 'y' to be sure).

Indeed. I also went to Chank's site to check it out further, including the
font club. I found NO information about details of the font club, so I
wasn't about to sign up unless I knew what the $99 for the font and the
font club actually means. After checking all over the site for about 15
minutes and still not finding a page or even a paragraph about the font
club (aside from a mention of it when purchasing a font), I wrote a note to
the email address provided. I then got a canned response with no promises
that anyone would even respond to my inquiry. That experience didn't
exactly leave me feeling like it's a very user friendly, inviting site. As
a result, it's doubtful that I'd join the font club since I can't get any
information about it..... lost the sale, a potential return visitor, not to
mention lots of word-of-mouth referrals, and possibly a review of the site
or a font or two for one of my regular columns.

I also don't mind a canned response at all and find them often helpful, but
when someone is attempting to get information to potentially purchase
something, I don't think it's too swift to use a canned response that
doesn't promise anyone will ever get back to you. Customer service?

So for those of you selling fonts (or anything else, for that matter!), I
thought I'd mention that situation so you'd be sure to avoid it.

>I too, would like to see the "lettering manual by Helm Wotzkow"
>...may be the answer as to why there is only one weight.  Sorry to be
>such a cynic (especially with your tabla rasa theory) but considering
>the source.
>Chank's got lots of style, to be sure.

Yes, I like his fonts, too.


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